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Sasha’s Sunshine

I had never given premature birth a second thought. Babies were born at 40 weeks, and that was all I knew. All of that changed on October 3, 2007, when I gave birth to twin girls, Rory and Sasha, 10 weeks early. While I was excited to meet my girls, I was scared and unsure of the future. Rory, thank God, was healthy. After six weeks in the hospital, she was eating and breathing on her own and was able to come home.

Sasha was a whole different story. She was born with severely damaged lungs and was unable to breathe on her own. After 8 long months in the hospital, battling illness, undergoing surgery and enduring countless pokes, prods, and doses of many medications, Sasha lost her battle on May 14, 2008.

In spite of her illness, Sasha was a ray of sunshine to many. She was informally known as the “NICU Mayor,” as she was always watching everyone and worked hard to get people’s attention. All the nurses, doctors and staff in the NICU knew who she was and regularly came to visit with her. They always made sure that Sasha was clean, wore pretty clothes, and got plenty of attention. The “Chief” even gave Sasha her very own TV!

The most important thing to me during this very trying time was making sure that people did not forget that Sasha was a person. I made sure that she received the same treatment as her sister did at home. Family and friends visited, she had beautiful clothes and many toys, had her own shampoos, and even a pair of shoes!

That is why I created “Sasha’s Sunshine Foundation.” When a child is ill, it can be difficult to take time from work, expensive to travel to and from the hospital, and emotionally draining trying to make the patient and family feel normal. Whether you need cab fare, a night off, or your child wants a special toy or new pajamas to wear, we can help, by providing stipends to hospitalized children and their families.






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The Norensberg Foundation is a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was founded in 2002 (5762). The Foundation exists to support many causes and needs in the United States and in Israel.


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